History of brand

Originally, the creation of the brand "Fansie" was the result of a mix of my first name and my last name. Although it does not have the same spelling, I chose to pronounce the mark like the English word "fancy" which means "fantaisie" in French.

This is how this name came to be, which fits perfectly with the identity of my online thrift store.

True passion for so many years, it is with all my experience and my desire to find you the best that I have decided to open the doors of my world to you and share with you the values that are dear to me.

So, what is Fansie Friperie? 

Fansie Friperie is first and foremost a world where originality reigns. An online thrift store where you can find selections of unique vintage and second hand items. Through our pieces, you will find our touch of fantasy which is the identity of our brand.

We are committed to proving to everyone that it is possible to consume better by guaranteeing quality, modernity and a blend of eras.

Indeed, the textile industry being one of the most polluting in the world, our goal is to show that it is possible to have fun, to have style and to renew your wardrobe without over-buying from fast-fashion and contribute to this ecological disaster.

We are therefore doing everything possible to promote responsible consumption. It's the small actions of each and every one of us that will get things done.